• potential source survey and research of the supportive legislation in the region
• preparation of feasibility studies
• comprehensive expert consulting in the field of solar power
• preparation and development of solar power projects
• promotion of solar energy in the region
• arrangements for purchase and sale , capacity reservations

• Verification of the intended investment with the zoning plan
• Communication with authorities, institutions, state and local governments
• Preparation of reports, studies and expertise on building
• Preparation of documents for administration and operation of the building
• Investor representation
• Budget control
• Management and control of construction works
• Financial costs reviews, inventory and invoice accuracy control
• Advice and consulting in the preparation of projects in construction and in dealing with disorders of buildings
• Technical and legal advice in construction and real estate

• Asset and liabilities structure optimization
• Optimization of internal and external sources of funding for the business
• Efficient ways of obtaining external sources of funding from financial markets including the development of complete documents and representation
• Calculation, budgeting and cash flow planning
• Independent, regular operating and investment control
• Management, analysis and results, cash flow and cash resources control of company performance
• Consulting on the revitalization and restructuring of the company
• Liquidation, bankruptcy and settlement consulting
• Advising on mergers and acquisitions, mergers and sales of companies, company valuation taking into account the firm’s risks and opportunities
• Crisis management
• Company growth management (financial and operational restructuring)