We offer business development strategies and allocation of business plans. Based on a thorough financial and economic analysis of business strategy we design:
• Asset and liabilities structure optimization
• Optimization of internal and external sources of funding for the business
• Efficient ways of obtaining external sources of funding from financial markets including the development of complete documents and representation
• Calculation, budgeting and cash flow planning
• Independent, regular operating and investment control
• Management, analysis and results, cash flow and cash resources control of company performance
• Consulting on the revitalization and restructuring of the company
• Liquidation, bankruptcy and settlement consulting
• Advising on mergers and acquisitions, mergers and sales of companies, company valuation taking into account the firm’s risks and opportunities
• Crisis management
• Company growth management (financial and operational restructuring)
Focus on the priority activities of your business and leave the burden of necessary activities directly related to the strategic direction of your company to us. Save your time and resources. We offer long-term partnerships, which are defined in the contracts for outsourcing. The contract precisely defines the scope and quality of services delivered and adapts to the client’s needs.